3 Captains. 3 Friends. 1 Club.

The Ohio Machine – the Midwest’s staple in Major League Lacrosse – actually began as a Chicago Team. The Chicago Machine may have only existed for a year, but they were integral in the establishment of the MLL: eventually becoming the Rochester Rattlers and Ohio Machine. 3 Captains. 3 Teammates. 3 Friends. Why the three […]

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2016 Man-Up Award Winner

Every year at New Wave, the coaches, directors and staff get together to discuss one of the most important aspects of our company: The Man-Up Award. Our program is built on the pillars of integrity, sportsmanship, character, talent, skill, attitude, toughness, and honesty. The Man-Up Award recipient epitomizes New Wave Lacrosse by personifying these characteristics. […]

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The Power of Positive

We can’t control the negative events that happen to us, but we can control our reactions to them. We have the ability to choose whether to have a positive outlook or to start sulking and think about everything we did wrong. Our choice is what dictates both our emotional and physical health, as well as our performance on the field, according to many researchers.

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The Gadget Guide

Lacrosse is a generally expensive game for both men and women. You have to buy your stick, your string, your headgear, your protective gear, as well as maintain them all, not to mention the fees you pay for your club teams or leagues. That all adds up! The nice thing about practicing lacrosse, however, is that you can generally do it on the cheap, especially when it’s nice outside. Couple cones here, a taped target on a wall, and a willing training companion are the bare bones of what you need to practice your game right. However, for those with the expendable income and the willingness to take their game to the next level, we’ve done some research on the most helpful training tools out there for every position.

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Attitude Really IS Everything

Imagine you’re a college coach scouting a lacrosse player you’ve heard so much about. You make the three hour journey from your college to the field where this prospect is playing, find a great seat in the bleachers, and get your notepad out. You’re expecting nothing less than an impressive showing…

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